Sunday, July 12, 2015

Youth Rally pillow cases

As many of you know, I am a clinical nurse specialist in Ostomy and Wound care in Boston, and I am a member of the New England Region WOCN. We support the Youth Rally organization that sends teens with ostomies from the New England region to a week long camp
 every summer. It is a special time for them to be with their peers and build self esteem. This year the camp is in Boulder Colorado. Anne O'Connell suggested we make pillow cases for the campers. Great idea Anne! Thank you! Of course this meant a trip to Mardens in Sanford Maine for fabric. Mardens provided a generous discount for the guild purchase of about 150 yards of white and black print and green fabric (colors of the Youth Rally). Many members of the Proper Bostonians made pillow cases with me. Thanks to Susan, Jeannette, Anne, Carleen, Lorri, Patty, Barbara H, Barbara W., 150 cases were made. Two weeks ago, Mark and I spent the afternoon folding the cases and packaging them for mailing to Boulder. They arrived safely in plenty of time to distribute the cases to the campers for the start of camp tomorrow. Here is a link to the Youth Rally partners page recognizing our contribution.


  1. Very generous of you and your quilting friends to make all of those pillow cases for the kids. I love the fabrics that the shop donated...also very generous. I'm sure the camp kids love and appreciate them.

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  3. What a great cause! Well done!