Friday, July 11, 2014

Blooming Four Patch

I take a class at the Button Box Quilt Shop in Wellesley called Stashbusters! Only I end up buying stuff to add to the stash to make the stash busters quilt :-(( but I enjoy it. This past year we worked from the Twist on Traditions book.  I made a great uneven nine patch for my sister Michelle for Christmas....

And the back from panels...

Here's the label...

She loves it!! But it didn't bust my stash... Cause it was made from donated stash (thank you J.T.)
Next we worked on the Blooming Nine Patch. I've made this 
before and had no interest in making and trimming 196 nine patches and 196 4-3/4" squares..... So I decided to make it a Blooming four patch instead. Thought it would go much quicker.  Well I cut the fabric and started sewing.  But I didn't like the way the fabrics worked together, so I had to break it up, cut more fabric, and ended up making two quilts.

Pinks and aqua and green Kaffe and Brandon.... Lap size

And blues and purples and orchid and pinks... Queen size.

Love them both. ...
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  1. Those are beautiful quilts! I can't decide which is my favorite but I am leaning towards the queen sized purple one . You have been busy.

  2. These are all wonderful works of beauty!!!! Great Job!!!! Use that stash and make the scraps sing!!!!