Sunday, October 28, 2012


Our flight from Phoenix to Hawaii was cancelled yesterday, so we had an extra day there. We went to the Phoenix botanical gardens which was very different from most gardens, as it was filled with Segauro and other cacti. They have an amazing Monarch butterfly exhibit too! Pictures below. We have finally arrived in Hawaii and are waiting for our inter island flight to Kaui. It is absolutely beautiful here. We are sitting in the garden of the airport with the doves. Aloha!


  1. Mary -- you have some beautiful pictures of AZ on your blog. Wonderful color inspiration.

    Also went through the past few posts. I love the rectangle wrangle. Is there a pattern available or at least a color suggestion? It's obvious to me that it is a spruced up split rail. Isn't it? Thanks for sharing all of the quilts. Really gives me too many ideas! But I enjoy them even if I can't start anymore quilts now. Well, except Bonnie Hunter's newest mystery...

    1. Hi Bonnie, thank you for the comment. For a minute I thought it was Bonnie Hunter making a comment! As to the rectangle rangel, are you referring to the scrappy Halloween Barfello? That is a Quiltville pattern. I think Bonnie calls it a scrappy Bargello. It is made from 2-1/2" strips cut from 40 fat quarters. In her Shirts and Scraptails two, Bonnie actually has a pattern called "Rectangle Wrangle" that I am working on now. So you surprised me with your comment, as I have not included a picture of it here yet? The other quilt that looks like a split rail, is from a book "Colorful quilts" which is listed with the quilt. Is it the pink and purple batik quilt? Thank you, Mary